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We are preparing several solo exhibitions for 2018 under the title VIEW OF WOMEN:


F, obr: 1499
ANNA MACKOVÁ (1887 - 1969)

The exhibition mainly shows Anna Macková‘s graphic work and life story which are both characteristic of the fate of women/artists in the first half of the 20th century. A.M. came from a wealthy family – estate owners in Studeňany. Quite unusually for a girl of her time, she fought for and won the opportunity to study portraiture, still life and landscape painting at Karl Reisner’s School in Prague from 1909-1911 and later graphics under František Horký. In 1918 she met her man of destiny, Josef Váchal; they travelled together, inspired each other and thought out new approaches to coloured woodcuts. She supported the these days much better known Josef Váchal with substantial financial assistance. Their health was seriously affected by the fact that Anna Macková‘s family farm, where they lived during the Second World War, was gradually confiscated after 1948.



 F, obr: 1500
In spite of its specific minimalism, the work of Marie Blabolilová arouses strong emotions; the painter and graphic artist is able to "describe" time in the simplest terms whether it is a matter of the 1960s or the present day. Her extensive retrospective exhibition includes graphics, drawings and paintings that focus on the 1960s. Part of the installation will also be made up of i.a. furniture from this era, linoleum and glass and the like with served as sources of inspiration, but also as working materials.


F, obr: 1504
The expressive painting of the South Bohemian recluse Eva Prokopcová was already displayed to tens of thousands of our visitors a decade ago. The exhibition for 2018, which is currently being prepared, is characterized by the fact that the artist lets us look into the unfortunate fate of of her family that was separated forever after 1948: the parents decided to emigrate with their infant, but the baby came down with a fever so the mother remained in Czechoslovakia with the child and only the father could flee through the Bohemian Forest. The family never met again.


 F, obr: 1503
After long-term residences abroad (Switzerland, France, Ireland, New Mexico, Italy, Israel and others) the painter returned to the house of her birth in Kladno. Her life, which has not always been easy, has materialized in her pictures whereby the “memory of the places“ she lived in assumes a fundamental role. Her themes are: the desert and light, but also biblical motifs. Her work for the theatre is of significance (Forman Brother’s Theatre, Theatre 58 in Zürich, Taos Theatre Company in New Mexico) or cooperation with archaeologists in Israel.
F, obr: 1512
The new project from this interesting and successful Czech artist is very unusual, yet witty and responds to a remarkable global phenomenon of recent times - the overcrowding and emptying of the most desirable world tourist centres. These places are often historical and architectural jewels on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which are being "gradually cleansed" of their normal urban / rural infrastructure and finally even of their original inhabitants by the flood of hundreds of thousands or even millions of tourists.


 F, obr: 1502
The artist is best known for her street art projects as well as for her cooperation with the socially excluded and Roma children; she is also appreciated as an illustrator. She will present a work on the spot that will deal with the phenomenon of Český Krumlov, together with her long-term efforts to help people and animals as well (she is a dedicated animal rights activist), but also with her new role as a mother of twins.

Meeting with the writer Alena Mornštajnová: As part of the WOMEN’S VISION/VIEW exhibition project we are preparing a meeting with the writer Alena Mornštajnová, the author of Blind Map, The Little Hotel and Hana in May 2018.


VISEGRAD+AUSTRIA International Symposium: We offer 10 selected artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Austria the opportunity to engage in a creative exploration of the topic How do women see the last century in our Krumlov studios. The quality of the work and also the life experience of the artists is crucial for their selection. We offer a grant for their residence.
The results will be made available to the public at the end of 2018.


On the 100th anniversary of the death of Egon Schiele we are preparing i.a.: In 2018 100 years will have passed since the early death of Egon Schiele (12.6.1890-31.10.1918). To mark this commemorative year we are publishing Sketch of Two Girls (with German and English translations), a story by the notable South Bohemian writer Jiří Hájíček (born 1967); this story takes place in Krumlov between 1910 and 1918.


Ikuko Miyazaki (* 1954)
The Japanese artist from Okinawa first encountered Egon Schiele's work in November 1995; it made a very strong impression on her. Her subsequent studies of Schiele's life and work soon grew into artistic creations inspired by the famous work of the Austrian painter. First of all she began to transform Schiele's self-portraits into three-dimensional objects to gradually bring the characters around Schiele back to life - especially the women whom the artist had drawn and painted over a hundred years ago. Next year works of varying proportions and varying degrees of inspiration will not only commemorate Schiele's premature death, but also the inspirational power of his work, which even after a hundred years influences artists from all over the world.

















































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